We believe we can create a brighter future for our children. See the possibilities and get involved.

Children with Signal sign

Children show the world how to brush day and night

There’s nothing quite like a child’s smile to brighten up your day. A wide grin bearing pearly white teeth, a tongue poking through a gap where a new tooth is starting to grow, while excited eyes already tell you just how good their day’s been. Keeping our children smiling is every parent’s priority, but for some kids their smiles tell a different story. A missing tooth that will never grow, discoloured teeth, or sore, swollen gums.

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Give Syrian children the hope of a bright future

Give syrian children The hope of a bright future

It is sometimes difficult to imagine what impact of civil war can have on children. It might sometimes seem far away from our daily lives and routines so to picture the horrendous plight of Syria’s children can often prove difficult to comprehend. But it’s crucial that we not only remember the trauma, but actually do what we can to try and end their turmoil.

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Kids Today Project

Kids Today Project

Do you wish you had made less mess as a child? Jumped in fewer puddles, not licked the cake bowl, or gotten less muddy? Probably not. No one ever wishes they'd made less mess as a child, yet when it comes to our own children we can forget just how important – and fun – making a mess is.

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Building a future beyond HIV/AIDS with Thokomala

Building a future beyond HIV/AIDS with Thokomala

We wouldn’t think twice about protecting our children from getting so much as a cold but millions of parents living with HIV/AIDS face the heart-breaking reality that they may leave their children without the love, protection and guidance they need to build safe, successful lives.

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Patrick Creadon

The Bright Future Award Goes To...

Patrick Creadon wins the first-ever Unilever Project Sunlight Bright Future Award thanks to his documentary, "If You Build It."

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Children recycling

Realizing a World Where Nothing is Wasted

Wouldn’t you like to create less waste? What about no waste? Most of us make the effort to recycle, but we still produce a lot of waste. Recyclebank motivates individuals and communities to realize a world where nothing is wasted.

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Make love not war

A kiss for peace

For one sublime moment a kiss has the power to make the world a more united and peaceful place.

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Tiled set of childrens faces

Making Sustainable living commonplace

At Unilever we believe sustainable living starts at home.

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A group of children smiling up at the camera

Support Universal Children’s Day

Watch with us as we celebrate Universal Children’s Day and help 2 million children. #brightfuture

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Young girl

Building better lives for a sustainable future

The Unilever Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life through the provision of hygiene, sanitation, access to clean drinking water and basic nutrition and by enhancing self-esteem.

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Sunlight vintage collage

Making Cleanliness Commonplace

In a small English town, in a humble apartment above his father’s grocery store, a man named William Hesketh Lever came into the world.

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compressed deo

Enabling You to Do More

We live in a world that never stops. To get the most out of life, we need to constantly push ourselves to do more.

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Close up shot of a lady filling a glass of water from a pureit filter

Pure water Proud women

Why Water Matters. In Bhopal or Boston, new opportunities and new ways of making their children's lives safer help create a brighter future

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Lady pouring One Rinse into a bowl for clothes washing

Save water with One Rinse

It can be easy to forget that one in nine people still lack a steady supply of clean water. That’s over 700 million people worldwide.

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Mustard seeds

Helping British Farmers for nearly 200 Years

Preserve hundreds of years of farming heritage while eating delicious, sustainably sourced products.

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Feeding America

Fight Hunger in your own Backyard

With so many people in need all over the world, we can sometimes forget the people in need in our own backyard. There are more than 49 million Americans who are at risk of hunger in our country. For many of us, it’s a reality that’s hard to grasp. Fortunately, it’s also a problem we can solve.

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Children holding tomatoes

A Family of Farms

From quality brands, the world expects quality ingredients. Advances in farming practices have raised the bar on the level of quality that farms can produce harvest after harvest.

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Child holding a clock

Spend quality time together

Making more time for your children can help build them a brighter future: 15 minutes is all it takes.

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Lady sat on the floor with piles of dishwashing to do

Let’s make everyday water dishwashing problems short-lived

Dishwashing is just an ordinary part of everybody’s ordinary day. We do it no matter where we live or what we do in life.

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Sunlit shot of someone holds a bunch of green helium balloons

Love your heart and start your cholesterol lowering journey today!

As we get older we can feel like we’re more in control of our lives – from our careers to our clothes – but we all too often forget about our health, and the simple changes that can help us stay in control for longer. A healthy heart does more than just keep you alive; it keeps you active, energetic and in love with life. Taking control of your cholesterol is the first step towards taking care of your heart.

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Children playing in the mud

Give Children the freedom to play and learn

For the children of tomorrow’s world, alongside education, experience is an essential part of setting them up for their life ahead. And it’s hard to gain experience without getting your hands a little dirty.

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Signal car

Win your future with a smile

Kids miss an average of 2.5 days of school per year as a consequence of oral diseases, stopping them from reaching their full potential. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Little boys waving at the camera

Destroy germs and Create Smiles

For a child growing up in a modern comfortable home, diarrhoea can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing illness. Giving your child medicine and keeping them hydrated are just two ways a parent can quickly treat the illness. But when 2.5 billion people worldwide are without access to improved sanitation facilities, diarrhoea is in fact a fatal disease that claims the lives of about 2,000 children under five every single day.

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Happy family having fun

Love your heart Be the healthy heartbeat of your loved ones.

Every year millions of people are left devastated by the effects of heart disease. But little steps can make a real difference for you and your loved ones.

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School children smiling up at the camera

Help a child reach five

For most parents it is unimaginable that their child might not reach the age of five. Find out how you can make a difference to a child's life.

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Mother and daughter smiling at the camera

Help a girl reach her full potential

Together, we can make a difference to the next generation of women, helping them develop self-esteem to take on the world of possibilities.

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Plate of food

Love food hate waste

What can you do to watch your waste line? You can start reducing waste now by making small changes to your shopping habits.

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Young girl smiling

One like One meal

This is the story of Sabina, one of the more than 100,000 lives improved thanks to the collaboration of the Unilever Foundation with the World Food Programme.

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Close up shot of a sack of coffee beans

From bean to bite

A bite of chocolate can be just the thing we need to help us unwind at the end of a long day. The World Cocoa foundation provided the estimates that around the world, 5 million to 6 million cocoa farmers and 40 million to 50 million people depend on cocoa for their livelihood.

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Close up shot of hands holding tomatos

From Seed to Soup

Follow chef Einav Gefen as she explores where great taste comes from and how ingredients taste better when they are naturally and carefully grown.

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Two ladies picking tea in the fields

1 small cup makes a big difference

With millions of families depending on the tea industry for their futures, it’s vital we continue to support the world’s tea farmers. Learn how a small cup can make a big difference.

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